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Our splendid tour offers you a variety of lodging experiences, all highly reviewed on web review sites such as www.TripAdvisor.com.

For our first four nights in New Delhi, we have selected a few smaller Bed & Breakfast style "homestays" (the local term for B&B style residential lodging).

Although specific lodging cannot be guaranteed via this website, we are expecting to stay at homestays such as Tej Abode, Sai Villa, and Indee Home.   These are centered around a pleasant market area called GK 2 (Greater Kallaish II).

In Jaipur, we will stay for two nights at the family owned small hotel, Anuraag Villa. The owner is very pleased to be hosting our tour group.

In Agra, we have selected the 4-star Radisson Hotel - East Gate, quite close to the Taj Mahal.   While most of our lodging choices are meant to lead to an authentic experience of India, we also wanted to include this internationally celebrated hotel in Agra.

Upon our return to Delhi, we will stay all togehter in one establishment, F37.   It is here that we will celebrate the festive holiday of Diwali!


Breakfast will be included each day at our lodging locations.   Breakfast will be offered in the local style, and may be hot or cold, Western-style, or Indian foods.

Lunch on our first full day in New Delhi is included.   We are providing a picnic lunch in a lovely local garden of medieval tombs.

For all other days, you pay for your own choice of lunch, within our group experience.   For example, we might all eat in one restaurant, but you will make your own choices and pay your own tab.

Dinner is included each day of our tour.   For many days, we will select a local restaurant and the tour will pick up the tab for the dinner.   Extras such as personal selections of appetizers or desserts, plus alcoholic beverages, will be on your own tab.

In addition to restaurant dinners, we have included a few exceptional dinner experiences.   In Delhi, we will experience a food shopping tour and follow our Guide / Cook home to learn about Indian cooking.   Our experience will culminate in dinner - which we watch, and maybe even help, as it is created.

In Jaipur, we will ride elephants on a trek at a private estate, and be treated to a lovely private dinner afterward.

Returning to New Delhi in time for the festive holiday of Diwali, we will experience a private catered Diwali dinner at our hotel.

November 4th through 15th, 2012

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