Visit to a charitible organization - Goonj

We are so pleased to be contributing to the efforts of an Indian charity - the award winning non-governmental organization (NGO), Goonj.   Their website is

Part of the work of Goonj is described in this 7-minute video called "Not Just A Piece Of Cloth".

At the most basic level, human beings have three needs for survival:   food, clothing, and shelter.   Goonj focuses on the basic need of clothing.   Their appeal is for clothing that is no longer needed, which they will pass on, repair, or re-make into something new, and thereby continue the life of that article of clothing.

Of particular note, Goonj has started an initiative called “Not Just A Piece Of Cloth”.   They request cotton items such as bedsheets and other fabric that may be cut and refashioned into womens’ sanitary napkins for women in outlying villages who have no such product. Goonj is breaking through the taboos about even discussing such a need, and delivering cloth sanitary napkins, so village women no longer need to use old bits of cloth, sand, ash, or nothing at all.

If you are willing to contribute material items to Goonj, we are suggesting that you fill approximately 1/3 of your luggage with no-longer-needed sheets (especially old flannel sheets!), towels, T-Shirts, and other absorbent cotton items. We will deliver these to Goonj on our first day in New Delhi.   Then, you will have room in your suitcase for whatever items you will buy during your days in India!

You may also contribute monetarily to the work of Goonj, although it is their practice not to directly ask for cash donations, nor to conduct "fund-raisers". See the Goonj website - for contact information, or you may write a check while we are at their office, if you wish.

Our visit to the Goonj location is planned for our first full day in New Delhi, India.

November 4th through 15th, 2012

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